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Calendar Things

Post  assassi4[:TLF:] on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:21 pm

Although Blair is not on, if any admins or owners that still view this like Kelly or DrmMus, i'm just saying we need more events on the calendar. we only hav some B'days up there and i think we need to have like one day of every month be a sort of "huddle" day where the Admins and Owners talk about things to watch/improve on in a sense. you guys can catch my drift with this. also having a Raffle every now and again isnt a bad thing. I also believe that just under half of the Buy-Ins should go to the Admins/owners because its like rent in a sense. we hold it up and you guys utilize it, per say. the extra metal would help keep the server up and running.


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