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Server Rules

Post  Blair The Plague Doctor on Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:53 pm

TLF 100% Critical Server

Server Rules

All violators of these rules will Receive a Console/Admin warning If problem Persists 10minute Ban Will be In affect (Escalation if Needed)


1.) No Enforcers Or Shortstops
2.) Be Respectful to ALL [Admin]s "Especially The Owner"
3.) No SpawnCamping
4.) No inappropriate Sprays (ex.Hentai, Male or Female Pornography, Sexually Explicit Furries, Or anything you would hide from A 5 yr old)
5.) No Aim-bot, Wall-Hack, Glitches, Exploits, or Cheats Of anykind *VAC rules Apply*
6.)Do Not ask for [Admin] *If you want to Join the TLF family Please Scroll Down to the [ADMIN] section*
7.)Do Not Complain About The [OWNER]'s Actions
8.)Do Not Ask for Perks Unless you have Paid the price to the [Admins] Or Owner


All Prices Can be excepted in (Craftable) Weapons


Noclip (Flying) per life - 1 Scrap Metal Or 2 Weapons
Resize (Head Only) - 1 Scrap Metal Or 2 Weapons
Resize (Body) - 2 Scrap Metal Or 4 Weapons
Robot - 1 Scrap Metal Or 2 Weapons
Be The Headless Horsemann (1000HP) - 2 Reclaimed Metal Or 18 Weapons
Infinite Ammo (Unlimited til you leave the Server) - 1 Reclaimed Metal Or 9 Weapons
100% UberCharge (Medic Only) - 1 Scrap Metal Or 2 Weapons

Donation Instructions (Admin Instructions)

If You want to Be an Admin Or A VIP this is How


In Order To Become A TLF [Administrator] You have 3 options

1.) Win an Admin Raffle (Extremely Rare to be Held)
2.) Donate $10, 10 Keys Or 1 Bills hat
3.) Apply Here on the Forum

In Order to be A TLF [VIP] The following is required

1.) Donate $2-$9
2.) Any Amount Of Keys (Minimum: 2)
3.) Any Some Of HATS worth Equal or Greater Than 2 keys



NoClip Raffle - Buy in: Free
Hat Raffle - Buy in: 2 Scrap Metal
Admin Raffle *Rare* - Buy in: 2 Clean Hats
HHH Raffle - Buy in: 1 Scrap Metal
Infinite Ammo Raffle - Buy in: 2 Scrap Metal

Raffles are Ways We can Raise Money to keep our servers Running and Add New Servers
When you Buy in A RAFFLE you pick a Number From 1-100 and then an admin will type the !goldenwrench Command And the computer will Randomly pick a Golden Wrench Number The member Closes to the Number wins the Prize At Hand

Q:How do we take your Items And Turn them into Profit?
A: Well its quite simple either we find a buyer On out post to trade for keys or metal And when we get a lump sum of metal We Sell the Keys Online for $1.50 Then use the money to Purchase the Server For another month We need to sell a total of 13.33 keys to afford the server for another month

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