jeff the killers admin application

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jeff the killers admin application

Post  coldstone64 on Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:45 pm

1. What is your Age?
15 turning 16 soon
2. What is your relationship/emotional status? (Single, Taken, Happy, Sad, Depressed, Other, List all that apply)
3. What would you do to help the community?
Keep watch when other admins cant or help out other admins.
4. How long have you been playing on our server
at least a month.
5. How many Hours a day will you be devoting to our server?
6. Are you admin on any other servers? (If so Please List)
7. Would you be willing to donate? (If not people who can donate will be favored over you.)
As soon as i get my job when im 16 then yes.
8. Steam ID:

9. How well do you get along with others? (Strict, Bossy, Rude, Laid back, ect.)
Laid back unless they are being rude.
10. Are you patient with others, in and out of game?
I would say so as long as they are not obvious troll
11. Do you think the other Admins are doing well with their duties? (Not abusing, being kind, ect.)
Yes they always know how to have a good time and not go to far with admin powers
12. What time zone do you live in?
pacific daylight time

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Re: jeff the killers admin application

Post  Blair The Plague Doctor on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:49 am

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